My painted t-shirts are unique pieces. Even for them I chose the action painting technique, leaving the colour free of flowing on the fabric.

T-shirts that represent art and creativity and that send a sustainability and respect message: all my t-shirts are made with organic cotton GOTS. What does that mean? The GOTS brand certifies that an item of clothing has been made with natural fibers, without using harmful substances and protecting the work of the employees involved in the production chain.

A conscious choice, that continues in the details: the Sfard-Art price tags are handmade with paper that can be replanted. It represents a wish for people who will wear my creations: may you plant and collect what you wish.

Every t-shirt is numbered: there are not two identical models, each one is a unique and exclusive item of clothing.

T-shirts designed for the creative-minded, for people who love nature, playing sports and living outdoor. It may be a yoga lesson, a mountain walk or a brainstorming at the office that you’re wearing them for, my painted t-shirts will express art, respect for the environment and creative inspiration.

Creativity to wear, little artworks with a defined style: your style.