To create my work, I hang and stiffen the fabric on canvas and I paint without the easel, leaving the colour on the painting lying on the floor or dripping onto the canvas: this is the action painting technique, the same used by Jackson Pollock.

The paintings mix composition skill with instinct: when I paint, I’m only led by the emotions. My works are energy, vital power, expression of what I am and of what I feel.

I often create the background with the powerful collage technique: comic strips, pieces of jute, newspapers’ pages. The words intertwine, the symbols reveal the message that I want to pass on.

I do it for myself, but also for who comes to me asking to tell a piece of his/her life. You’ll find a shirt appearing from the score, telling an organist’s love for music. Otherwise, a sunflower that peeks out from a white coat, representing a nurse’s desire for rebirth, after she was at the forefront against the pandemic.

I paint for myself and other people, in Italy and abroad: some of my paintings flew to London, in the house of a collector, others crossed Italy to be exhibited in Rome or in Palermo, others were in Los Angeles in an art group exhibition.

I like to think I’m an Italy ambassador all over the world, who keeps alive and convey the creativity of her Country. That’s why I replace one of the original buttons of the shirt with a tricolor button (green, white and red, the colours of the Italian flag), in each painting. It is my signature, stubbornly in love with my country and proud of being Italian.

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The Traveller

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Mother Earth

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Soul awakened

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