My name is Elisabetta Sfarda and I am an artist.

I have always been an artist, even before acknowledging it: art is a family passion and paint brushes, canvas, and colours are part of my early child memories.

I love creating with material: for this reason I work with recycled shirts, paper, fabric and words, and I paint t-shirts that are little artworks to wear.

In my paintings, the shirts I use represent life: among the creases of the fabric, the colour and the material meet new and unique stories. This is the way I see the world and also how I ‘ll take care of your emotions and your memories, if you wish me to paint for you.

By wearing the painted t-shirts, art becomes a second skin: it’s going to take you through your days and it manifests who you are and how you live. Daily art, fabric stories placed on canvas, that is going to stand the test of time and narrate stories.

My name is Elisabetta Sfarda and I am an artist: creating is my passion and emotions are my language.